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Store Manager

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Single Socks is a non-profit, community-owned thrift store that has been operating in Silver City, New Mexico since 2009.  The lifeblood of our store is our staff which consists of six employees and approximately 30 volunteers.  100% of our operating surpluses are donated to anti-hunger programs in Grant County, NM.  Since the time of our opening, the store has donated over $489,000 to such anti-hunger programs. 


Position Summary:


The store manager position is full-time.  People skills – that is, interacting with the store’s employees, volunteers, customers, donors, and representatives of the beneficiary organizations – is the most important qualification for this position.  The store manager position is more than managing a retail thrift store; it’s about helping to continue an atmosphere that’s fun, artistic, inclusive, accommodating, and productive.  The store manager reports to, and is supervised by a four-person board of directors.


This is a unique opportunity for a community-minded individual to manage a well-established thrift store beginning in April of 2022.  A paid training period will be provided for the person who is hired for the position.


For more information on Single Socks, please visit our website at: www.SingleSocks-SC.org 


Specific Responsibilities:


1) Communications:

-- Frequent, supportive communications with the store's employees and volunteers. Such communications might include informing staff of recent grant awards; noteworthy developments relating to the store; recent changes of store employees (i.e., new hires and resignations), and; in general, communications of goodwill and encouragement. Modes of communication with staff might include, but are not limited to: one-on-one, face-to-face interactions; group emails, and; written notices posted at the store.

-- Maintaining open, collegial, and collaborative communications with the board of directors. 

2) Staff:

-- Overseeing the recruitment, retention, and scheduling of Single Socks volunteers and employees.

-- Providing training, guidance, and assignments for volunteers, and employees.

3) Donations:

-- Overseeing the receiving, sorting, washing, storing, steaming, pricing, displaying, and selling of all wares donated by the public.

5) Store

-- Maintaining an attractive aesthetic of the store's sales floor. Single Socks prides itself on being a clean, attractive, boutique thrift store that sells high-quality goods.  It is imperative that the decor of the store be attractive, thoughtful, and ever-evolving.

-- Day-to-day building upkeep and cleaning, inside and out.

-- Reporting building maintenance problems to the landlord.

4) Board Engagement

-- Reporting to the board of directors, attending board meetings, and, in general, responding to all information requests.

6) Financials

-- Ensuring that financial reports are accurate and produced on a timely basis.  Distributing quarterly financial reports to the board of directors prior to quarterly meetings.

-- Ensuring that the store cash register is set up and closed out daily. Preparing and making daily bank deposits.  Providing all appropriate financial records to the store’s bookkeeper.

-- Ensuring that all year-end financial reports are provided to the store’s CPA/tax preparer in a timely and accurate manner.






-- A demonstrated ability to communicate with staff, customers, and the board of directors in a thoughtful, caring, clear, and productive manner.

-- At least two years of direct, hands-on experience supervising a staff of at least five employees.

-- At least three years of experience as the operating manager of a non-profit organization or a for-profit business.

-- Familiarity with, and interest in merchandise received and sold at a typical thrift store, including adult, child and baby clothing, shoes, accessories, small appliances, kitchen ware, toys, books, and collectibles.

-- -- Work within a non-profit organization, including engaging with and reporting to a non-profit board of directors.

-- Ability to read and interpret basic financial statements.

-- Basic computer skills including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and an ability to carry out email tasks.

-- A high school degree or equivalent.



-- Experience in a retail environment.

-- Experience in a collaborative working environment.

-- Experience recruiting, training, and coordinating volunteers.

-- Some college education.




-- Starting salary: $40,000 per year.

-- Paid vacation and holiday leave.


To Apply:


Submit letter of application, resume, and three professional references to jeffgoin@gmail.com.  Application deadline:  April 8, 2022.


A copy of the Store Manager Job Announcement is available at: www.SingleSocks-SC.com

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